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Researcher from Northeastern University contributes on the key question of improving battery capacity

Written by:WangYuhui    Edited by:   WangYuhui  Resource:Northeastern University    Update:  2019-01-10  

Let mobile phones and other electronic products have a longer standby and running time, let electric vehicles have a longer range, let energy storage devices store more electricity, all applications are calling for higher capacity batteries.

Nowadays, new rechargeable batteries represented by lithium-ion batteries are closely related to everyone's life. Among the formidable challenges of improving almost every component in batteries, the transition metal (TM) oxide-based cathode remains a bottleneck of the energy density and sits at the center of much research and development efforts.

Recently, Kehua Dai, associate professor of School of Metallurgy, Northeast University, collaborating with researcher from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States, has achieved significant theoretical breakthrough on the key question that affecting cycle performance of cathode materials for high capacity lithium/sodium ion battery. The results have been published online recently in Joule, the sister journal of Cell. This research will provide a directional theoretical basis for the further development of new secondary battery cathode materials with high capacity and long-lifetime.